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Fly in Israel sightseeing from the air and ground trips

Is it possible to see Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Masada, Sea of Galilee, Haifa, Acre, Caesarea all in one day? With our unique see Israel from the air and ground program, it is possible.

Fly in Israel is a joint venture of an Israeli commercial pilot and a tourist guide. After years of experience, they reached the conclusion that nowadays people want to see the world but they are very limited in time. The attractions are spread all over the country and in order to see the best sites, too much time is spent on the roads. Therefore, one solution is to concentrate on one or two regions and leave the others for another trip. We propose another solution which lets you see everything, in the best way, with minimum time on the roads.

Give us your schedule and time frame, and we will provide you the best trip in Israel that you can get for your time. The idea is that instead of wasting time on the roads, use a private airplane which moves fast and provides an amazing view of Israel, which you can only see from an airplane. The plan is to use the airplane to reach from one region to another, while seeing unique sights from the air. Then in the new region use a car to reach the recommended sites and fly to the next region.

Cessna 172 used for flights in Israel Jerusalem as can be seen from the air when flying in Israel